Photograph by  Jeremy Klefeker .

Photograph by Jeremy Klefeker.

Photograph by Daniel Mudliar.

Matthew Yarnell is a photographer based in Fort Worth, Texas specializing in landscapes and environmental portraiture.

In 2012, Yarnell picked up an iPhone and downloaded Instagram. The creative community and the simplicity of the platform gave him a bridge from where he was to where he wanted to be photographically. From there, his career as a photographer began.

Yarnell has worked with household brands, like Airbnb and Nike, while his work has been honored by brands and galleries, such as Instagram and Herschel Supply Company.

Now, he and his wife, Victoria are on the journey of soaking up a life together, while he constantly digests the world around him through the lens of his camera.


To discuss photography services, a farther look into Yarnell’s work, or any other inquires, please shoot over an email.

Matthew Yarnell, Photographer

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